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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services in Islip, New York

James Greico DPT, OCS, PC in Islip, New York, helps ease the pain of many injuries for all ages through physical therapy and rehabilitation services. In addition, his staff understands the paperwork and documentation required for insurance to facilitate the authorization of your treatment and maximize your benefits.

Spine Injuries

After evaluating your condition, we match treatments to the cause of your neck or back pain, based on the diagnosis. Treatments include manual therapy, massages, electric stimulation, stabilization exercises, stretching, ultrasound, and joint mobilization. Certain cases may elect for traction and/or cold laser therapy.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We provide rehabilitation after a wide variety of surgical procedures and follow your doctor's protocol if it is available. Safe recovery adhering to any precautions specific to your case is emphasized. Treatment involves the gradual return to normal motion and activity while controlling pain and swelling.

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is an essential part of restoring function and reducing pain for damaged and arthritic joints. James Greico DPT, OCS, PC offers rehabilitation for most joint replacements, especially hips, knees, and shoulders.

Car Accident Injury Recovery

Motor vehicle accidents are all too common these days. We are familiar with the clinical and clerical necessities required for injured victims. Multiple injuries are rehabilitated, as well as more common strains and sprains.

Workers' Compensation Injuries

Traumatic work injuries or repetitive strain injuries are a common consequence of work tasks. Physical therapy is often required to help recuperate those injuries, particular your neck, back, shoulder, knees, and wrists.
Equipment, Rehabilitation Services in Islip, NY
Equipment, Rehabilitation Services in Islip, NY
2010 workers' compensation laws now limit the amount of therapy someone may receive. We are knowledgeable in the new laws and understand how to best advocate for the therapy you need.

Arthritis and Tendinitis

This form of pain affects the young and old. Once a doctor has diagnosed you with either condition, therapy treatment is very effective at alleviating the pain and often curing it.

Arthritic flare-ups are hastened and most importantly, you learn how to best manage the condition and minimize the risk of return episodes. Joint protection and conservation education is regularly provided during the physical therapy process.
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